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[Aug. 25th, 2006|10:02 pm]
Discworldcon 2008 Committee and Staff


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Welcome to suckered2008

This is a community for the staff and committee of Discworld Convention 2008 to be held somewhere, sometime (almost certainly August 2008 I'd guess, and quite possibly at the Hinckley Island or whatever it will be called that year).

I'd like this to be a "friends only" community and I've set it up that people have to be approved by Moderators to join. At the moment I'm the only moderator but I'm happy to grant those rights to anyone else that doesn't mind taking them on.

This is an "unofficial" community since we haven't discussed it in committee yet, and anything that we post here will be just between us so will need to be reposted to the committee list if it is to be seen by other people on the committee/staff.

It's mainly a place for blowing off steam and for celebrating, and perhaps for asking for assistance if life gets in the way of completing whatever you are currently doing for DWCon. Certainly that's what I'm going to use it for!

Also for complaining about people :-)

[User Picture]From: the_magician
2006-08-26 08:13 am (UTC)

New moderator

I've added megabitch as another moderator (in case I fall under a bus or am not quick enough in authorising people to join)

Just because this is called "suckered2008" doesn't mean any of us were tricked into this, just that we are mugs for volunteering! Happy, joyful, hard working mugs, but mugs nevertheless.

But if we didn't do it, who would? :-)
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