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suckered2008's Journal

Discworldcon 2008 Committee and Staff
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A place for committee and staff of Discworld convention 2008 to laugh, cry, moan, complain, vent, celebrate and share all the wonderful and horrible things involved in running a convention, the people who have touched our lives and the people we wish would touch a live wire :-)

And just because the community is called "Suckered", it doesn't mean anything beyond that we are all mugs for volunteering ... happy, joyful, hardworking and fulfilled mugs, but mugs nevertheless.

We all enjoy doing this, we're all volunteers, and sometimes it's nice to have a quiet place where you can chat with your friends who are in the same situation, regroup and then go out and run the best Discworld Con ever!

You're welcome to join whether this is the first convention you've worked on or whether you've worked on every single one at committee level.